Cells and Prisons

Cells and Prisons

For a while now I've been considering my life. In many ways I've felt like a prisoner.

Now that I've put myself into a new situation, which was not what I expected, I realize a lot of our cells are self-made.

We put ourselves into positions and hope or expect others to pull us out. When they don't we punish ourselves further.

The worst of our prisons are the ones we don't even realize are there, or that we have entered.

It is one of these such cells I reside in now. I previously knew of the damage my increasing loneliness was doing, but never really did anything to change it, because of feelings that I could not even if I tried, that nothing could be done.

Now there is a new isolation around that. Again, one self-imposed, but this one previously unexpected.

The one now feeds the other.

I have been striving to break these chains that bind me, and realize how difficult this is on my own. It is the driving force behind my pursuit of psychology.

I strive to break out of this prison now more than ever, and know I will, with or without help.

I write this in the hopes that others will lean to recognize their own prisons, or if they don't to seek out help, not to make distractions so they can ignore it, but to have the walls revealed, and thereby remove them.

Copyright Eric Stryker 2000, 2001