Recent Rants

Where is Darkpact now? I move around games, check my main site to find where I am.

The Big Goodbye - 8 / 3 / 01
EverQuest removed from the hard drive, quite probably forever.

New World, Same Routine? Not. - 6 / 30 / 01
Anarchy Online has released, is it as good as we hoped?

What Do We Really Want? - 3 / 3 / 01
What is it players really look for in an online game. What would we want for the future?

Sociology and View - 2 / 20 / 01
Not everyone has the same societal view as you. After all, that's part of what defines one society from another.

Yearn For The Day - 1 / 1 / 01
Yearning for times past, in this world and the next.

Velious - 12 / 18 / 00
Velious, frozen waste. A new land, new monsters, new loot... or is it?

Unswerving Hammer of Faith - 11 / 19 / 00
We Clerics finally have a pet. But is it worth the wait?

My Other Character - 11 / 14 / 00
... does not exist. I don't have one, but others do. Does this make one more or less worthy of loot?

Stagnation - 11 / 9 / 00
EQ is stagnating, but is that a bad thing? I say yes.

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What makes you a bad person, and when it's all in the imagination of the accuser.

Careful, you might learn something
An explanation of how we learn by playing games.

Cave Paintings - 4 / 1 / 00
An in-depth comparative study of the Cave Paintings done by the Kobolds of Firepit in Sol B, to that of Earth. Comparisons to the Altamira Cave in Spain, The Chauvet and Lascaux Caves in France, Rock Art in Valtellina in Italy, and many many others found at the Creative Impulse site for World History under the Art and Architecture listings.

The Definition of Evil
An in-depth look at the misconception of what Evil really means to most people.

EQ as Phobia Therapy
How EQ can be a tool to reduce certain phobias.

Fair Loot
A method to fairly work out who gets what special loot.

Group Roles and Tactics
A few pointers on group roles and group tactics.

Holding Service
What does it mean, and am I the only one?

Kill Stealing
What is Kill Stealing? A list of terms that are understood unspoken in the EQ society, and examples to specify what is Kill Stealing, and what is helping.

Panic, Fear and Death
A rant on how panic causes the needless death of others, and that we must learn to overcome the fear.

Perception, Imagination and Performance (aka Warm Fuzzy Blanket)
How our perceptions of things on Earth affect things in Norrath.

Plane Loot, a Solution
A simple solution to a complex, and ever growing problem.

Protecting the online society
Companies need to protect those in the society they create.

Soloing vs Grouping
A look at the differences between soloing and fighting in groups.

Some Great Reward
Where is the great reward at the end of the journey (hitting 50 th)?

Steps Towards Protection
Views and comments about Sonys post on the changes to the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act.

A True Cleric
How to be a True Cleric, not just a Healer.

Unswerving Hammer of Faith
We Clerics finally have a pet. But is it worth the wait?

Why do you play the game?
A discussion on the probable reasons why we choose this, or any, escape.

Women of EverQuest
How you can expect to be treated as the fairer sex while in the world of Norrath.

Poetry / Stories

Watching - 5 / 28 / 00
Watching, waiting, he waits for her to come along, make him whole, and bring him into the light.

Lone Wolf Syndrome - 2 / 28 / 00
How popularity affects life.

Dark Tides - 2 / 3 / 00
Life as a Dark Elf.

Prayer to Innoruuk - 12 / 14 / 99
A prayer to my, and other, dark gods.

Suggestions / Quick Tips:

Binding - Choose your binding locations carefully. Pick one at least 75 feet from spawn points of monsters or good npcs (as you may accidentally hit a good person as I did upon gating back to your spawn point, or gate back to full spawn and be instantly attacked). Choose one on the other side of a zone that you may run to, or at least 150 feet from it so you can run in another direction should you, or others, get trained to that zone line.

Specialization - Only one specialization skill can exceed a 50 skill level. All must have points spent in them in order for any one to pass that 50 th point. See accompanying rant for more details - Specialization, How I wasted 24 hours of game time - Darkpact Wrathful

Unswerving Hammer of Faith
We Clerics finally have a pet. But is it worth the wait? How does the Cleric pet work, and what is it?

Helping Casters - When casters need help, check how many creatures are on them. Usually if there is more than 1, if you can pull the others off they will be fine. I, being cleric, can often solo things if only 1 were on me, but if there are 2 or more, I will be distracted and unable to cast. Help as quick as you can, but ask if that's the best help you can offer.

Group Roles and Tactics - A few pointers on group roles and group tactics.

My hints for new players.